Top 10 reasons to forgive
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1. Forgiveness makes the forgiver feel free and light! Resentment is a burden that gets heavier with time!

2. If you really want to disconnect, forgiveness is your only option; simply because no matter how far you may go, the person who might have hurt you will always be with you unless you forgave him/her.

3. Forgiveness allows you to keep the people you love closer to you, as no healthy relationship can last and grow unless it is freed from resentment.

4. It will get right back at you!! “Forgive and you will be forgiven” (Luke 6:37).

5. You might teach people a lesson or two! Forgiveness could be contagious!

6. Forgiveness frees you from within as it paves the way for you to forgive yourself! Resentments and grudges are held most against oneself and forgiveness can make you a free person from within!

7. Forgiveness shorten the way between you and God! Because it allows you to compare yourself to God’s loving and forgiving nature!

8. Forgiving is healthy! One study highlighted the benefits of forgiveness such as reduction of physical symptoms, decrease of prescribed medication, and an improved quality of sleep! Blame, resentment and grudges are negative emotions and can make you feel worn-out and old!

9. Life is much more beautiful when we practice forgiveness because we will no longer define our lives by how much sorrow we went through and how much pain people have inflected up on us!

10. Forgiveness helps us to shine from within! As resentment holds our personal development back in every way possible. Forgiveness is just like a “Spiritual Growth Hormone”, a shot we all need to have!

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