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At the launching of “Let Your Light Shine” Concert

The revival of a worldwide concert at the Casino du Liban. A space between Greece and Lebanon.

George Cherfan said: “It is true that our loved ones are absent, but the days do not erase their memory, and what is most beautiful is that the anniversary becomes an invitation to be the balsam of the wounded and those who wait for their wounds to heal by a word and a look filled with love.”


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With beautiful summer weather, we often plan outings at the beach, lake and in the backyard. It’s important to be aware of food safety in the heat. Here are some great tips to stay safe! http://www.beliefnet.com/love-family/galleries/heloise-hints-for-food-safety-at-picnics.aspx#hJyzi1gckwDByO52.99


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Choose who is going to set the pace in your life. Will it be you or your circumstances? Will you decide your direction, or will you hand your power over to other people to decide it for you?  http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/areasontosmile/2012/02/life-or-advice-to-a-young-friend.html


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