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Emotional health
Times change and sadly, sometimes words do too! My husband and I try to be as strict as we can be with our children on the subject of watching television. Sometimes I would like to say “No TV Ever!” I actually know some folks who have thrown out
Build a lemonade stand in your community to quench the thirst of someone in your neighborhood, as well as someone half-way around the world! Then, donate the profits to Lemon:Aid at Blood:Water Mission and provide your
Kenneth Behring is a man committed to providing wheelchairs to all those in need who cannot afford to buy one. To this end, he founded The Wheelchair Foundation, a non-profit organization “leading an international effort to create awareness on the
Oh Holy Night! One lonely soldier’s promise changed Christmas Eve in Denver for 40 years! For over 30 years, my father directed a tiny little choir of professional singers who only sang together one night a year. It consisted of eight local Denver soloists who walked up and down the halls of hospitals on Christmas Eve and sang Christmas carols to the patients who were
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