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Emotional health
One Simple Wish 16 year olds usually dream of smartphones, Xbox, expensive shoes... some even dream of getting their own car! Ronald Hennig just wanted a suit so that he could attend a relative’s funeral.
Nick’s Story Hi Friend, My name is Nick Vujicic and I am thankful to have been born 30 years ago with no arms and no legs. I won’t pretend my life is easy, but through the love of my parents, loved ones, and faith in God, I have overcome my adversity and my life is now filled with joy and purpose. I now reside in California
The Story of Redemption This is a symbolic story out of which we derive a Christmas lesson which might be beneficial for our salvation. It is said about a wood gatherer who collected wood from the forest and, on a very cold winter day, decided to light the fireplace with wood in order to warm up.

Becoming happier everyday takes practice! It is a skill than anyone of us can learn. It isn’t a gift from great parents or given to only the lucky ones.

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