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Road safety
Seatbelts save lives and help reduce the rate of injuries and deaths. The Youth Association for Safety Awareness (YASA) differentiates misbeliefs and facts. people risk being trapped inside
G.reeK d.rIVInG A.ttItude If our world were an endless highway, Greece would be the left lane. Not because Greeks have the fastest cars or they are the best drivers, but because they cannot even think about driving anywhere
Secure all seatbelts and ensure children are correctly restrained. Abide by limits and only overtake if it’s totally safe. Just say no to alcohol and drugs if driving. Don’t answer the phone until it is safe to do
One Big Mistake You Do in Your Car That May Kill You! Did you know that every time you sit in your car and turn on the engine, you are endangering your health and the health of those with you? You’re leaving your car outside, almost always with the windows closed. If you park it in
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