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The 9 Biggest Discipline Mistakes Parents Make To err is human, and to make discipline mistakes is sometimes a part of being a parent. The next time your child misbehaves and you find yourself losing your cool or wondering if you are handling your child’s bad behavior the right way, think about these solutions to fixing common

Children’s Appeal to Adults How you can help us:
• Remember, you’re a pedestrian sometimes too.
• Give us time and room to cross. Your speed can make the difference between life and death.
• Remember, we are small and may be hard to see.

Pool Safety Rules Drowning is among the most significant accidents contributing to serious injury and death in children every year. Swimming pool accidents can occur quickly, without warning, so learning and practicing the following pool safety

Teenage is a critical time as young are becoming increasingly independent, trying out new behaviors, activities and influences from a variety of sources, such as alcohol, drugs and sex. Parents, schools and communities are key sources to support in helping teens establish healthy behaviors during transition into adulthood. to School and Teenagers Challenges