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Seven things healthy people do before bed. To sleep well, pick up these nighttime habits.



The Naji Cherfan Foundation provides tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Migraines usually involve pain on one side of the head - true studies have shown that in 60 percent of cases the pain is felt on just one side of the head. However, it is not uncommon to experience pain on both sides.

There’s a growing type 2 diabetes problem in our young people. But parents can help turn the tide with healthy changes that are good for the whole family.

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Do You or Your Travel Partner Suffer From Diabetes? Here’s What You Need to Know When Traveling Domestically:

The Naji Cherfan Foundation cares about family health, especially children. Learn more about diabetes type 2 and visit our website to see how we’re focused on health-based information initiatives:

You would be surprised to know much common sense advice is scientifically proven to be effective, especially with staying healthy after 60. The following tips can ultimately reduce your health costs, and live longer lives. They are scientifically