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Emotional health



Every day we have good reasons to go somewhere important, whether we leave our homes for work, school or play. However, getting safely to where we are going is as important as getting there at all.

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It has been shown that a zinc deficiency leads to changes in the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex of the brain.  Zinc deficiency also leads to excessive amounts of glutamate activity in the brain.  This leads to brain inflammation and excessive free radicals and oxidative stress.



Smart, healthy nutrition keeps your brain in good condition. The Naji Cherfan Foundation provides nutrition guidance and tips to help you eat smart.

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Times change and sadly, sometimes words do too! My husband and I try to be as strict as we can be with our children on the subject of watching television. Sometimes I would like to say “No TV Ever!” I actually know some folks who have thrown out

You do not have to be an expert to help your children begin their own faith journey. Read more at

One of the main objectives of The Naji Cherfan Foundation is to lay down a solid foundation of Christian morals and values to help children grow in faith.


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Kenneth Behring is a man committed to providing wheelchairs to all those in need who cannot afford to buy one. To this end, he founded The Wheelchair Foundation, a non-profit organization “leading an international effort to create awareness on the